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About Our Rags

Our rags are great for greasy hands or dirty cars!

Our Disposable Rags

    We sell by 10 lb bags
    Locally owned and operated
    Sole proprietor
    Founded by Robert Smith in 1994 (Smith's disposable rags)

Disposable rags we provide

We sell disposable rags good for any job.
We have cotton, Terri cloth, baby blanket material, we have a big mixed different stuff (cotton, pillow case, gown, thermal blanket) we also have flat sheets that are sold as a 50lb bale

Terri Cloths Cut towels or wash cloths
Mixed Bag Gowns, pillow case, thermal blankets, etc
Cotton slick Cotton bed sheets and blanks
Baby Blanket Soft, warm and comfortable blanket

*$12 per bag

*Over 100 lbs $10 per bag

*50 lb bales of flatsheets are $60